CGR International, European Standard Quality

CGR International, European Standard Quality

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CGR International counts many of the automobile industry’s leading suppliers among its clients, to whom it supplies wire springs, parts formed from strip coils and cold-formed parts made from rods, tubes and cables, among others. It recently created a mechatronics division that will work to boost its presence in the automotive industry.

Founded in 1962, the French firm has become a prominent global supplier of metal parts and springs, dedicated to all industries but in particular those related to the automotive sector. It boasts a workforce of 1,500 employees, arranged in five divisions.

The CGR plant in Mataró (Barcelona) produces tension and torsion springs, as well as wire-formed parts

It has presence across three continents with 20 production centres distributed across Spain, France, Germany, Poland, China, Brazil, Mexico, Romania and Hungary. Thanks to this broad international infrastructure, CGR is able to supply the automotive industry’s principal parts manufacturers across the whole world with their parts.

CGR provides them with a full service, with the support of a group of experts, who assist clients throughout all stages of their projects, from design to mass production.


The company’s structure, made up of divisions and skills centres, allows company specialists to make use of calculation and testing systems, aimed at defining, calculating and testing parts and subparts. CGR International’s structure is comprised of: the Wire Spring Division, with over 15,000 references of springs; the Flat Spring Division; the Cold-forming Division, through which it offers rods, tubes and cables; the Mechatronics Division and the Aerospace Division, which has 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of springs. All of them combined had turnover of 155 million euros in 2016.

Moreover, in order to achieve “excellence in terms of quality and productivity”, according to the company, CGR International is equipped with standard machinery, specified tools and internally developed machinery.

Qualified professionals

The company has its own professional training school that trains specialists appointed to the manufacturing of springs. Furthermore, it boasts quality certifications ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, EN 9100 and ISO 14001.

In addition to the automotive sector, CGR International operates in the electronics, electromechanics, electrical appliances, mechanics, medical and optical sectors.

CGR in Spain

The CGR plant in Mataró (Barcelona), which like all of the group’s plants has certification ISO/TS 16949, produces tension and torsion springs, as well as wire-formed parts. 90% of this production is intended for customers from the automotive sector.

CGR Mataró boasts a workforce of 34 employees and estimated turnover of 5 million euros at the close of this tax year. Looking towards 2018, the Spanish division expects growth and new projects, with the acquisition of new machinery, “that will allow us to continue improving our level of competitiveness with cutting-edge technology”, says the subsidiary’s director, José Perujo, “whilst we keep up research and development in our own technology”.

The most important contribution from the Mataró plant to the parent company is its expertise in the manufacturing of tension springs, “our factory has its own technology that has made us leaders in the market for these types of parts”, concludes the director. Likewise, another important contribution is their sales and marketing department, which gives support to all of the group’s plants in their relations with customers on the Iberian Peninsula.

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