AutoRevista Director of the Year Awards 2017

AutoRevista Director of the Year Awards 2017

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The strong progression of the Spanish automotive industry blends both attractive projects in automobile factories and a type of acceleration that aligns itself with the technological trends defining the future. Many of these trends are being advanced by mega suppliers of global reach, whose labour is also reflected in the candidates for the 27th edition of the AutoRevista Directors of the Year Awards.

In the category for AutoRevista Director of the Year Award for Automobile Manufacturers, the shortlist of candidates for this edition’s award is made up of figures whose work has huge influence on the positive evolution of the Spanish automobile industry.

José Vicente de los Mozos, Director of Manufacturing and Logistics for Renault Group and President of the Renault Spain Management Committee, continually projects his experience on to a framework with record production figures working to achieve new successes in a solid industrial project until 2020. In addition to Renault’s success in the Spanish market, his effort and commitment to guaranteeing the continuity of the Alianza Renault Nissan plant in Ávila must also be noted. De los Mozos was awarded with the prize in 2005 during his time in charge of Nissan Iberia.

Luca de Meo, President of SEAT, who comes in second on the list of candidates for a consecutive year, is at the helm of a company that, in 2016, reaped the best results of its history. Martorell launched a new generation of Ibiza and the forthcoming Arona is due before the end of the year (the Audi A1 arrives in 2018). Beyond the Iberian Peninsula, SEAT is to lead a project alongside the Volkswagen Group in Algeria and will then see production of the largest vehicle in its range produced in Wolfsburg. In addition to industrial matters, De Meo knows how to extract maximum value from SEAT both in terms of the product and industrial aspects.

The shortlist comes to a close with Marco Toro, Managing Director of Nissan Iberia, who has served four years in the role, in which he has achieved a substantial increase of sales in Spain. Furthermore, he has become an exceptional ambassador for his company’s Intelligent Mobility strategy, which is embodied in one of the vehicles that is produced in Spain, the eNV 200. His leadership style explains the Japanese company’s improved brand image on the Iberian Peninsula.

Top-level suppliers

Top executives from three international companies are in the running for the AutoRevista Supplier Director of the Year Award. Klaus Rosenfeld, CEO of Schaeffler, is putting the Mobility of Tomorrow concept into practice with a unique strategy that embraces innovative solutions. During his three years in office, Rosefeld has strengthened the company’s global reach in markets such as India.

After renewing his role as CEO of ZF for a period of five years in 2016, Stefan Sommer, who received the award in 2014, continues to shape the company into a giant, one in which a greater level of integration with the acquired TRW is reflected. The firm continues to make progress on key areas for the future such as autonomous driving and has unveiled a groundbreaking strategy known as Zero Vision.

Finally, James R. Verrier, CEO of BorgWarner, continues to command a company whose versatility in offering transmission solutions in different technologies with an exhaustive methodology seems to have no limits. Verrier already won the award three years ago, but his work leading this multinational has continued to provide reason for satisfaction for the American firm, both for their innovative capacity and for their success in serving different customers.

The award-winners in both categories will be revealed on 3 October and the prizes will be awarded at the now classic gala dinner hosted by AutoRevista on 23 November. At the same event, distinctions of honour and the AutoRevista Award for Technological Innovation will also be awarded, which will be reported on at a later date.

AutoRevista readers, in most cases professionals linked to the automotive industry, can send in their votes for each of the two categories, until 29 September, to the following address:

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