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Interwiew whith Linda Jackson, CEO of Citroën
“The C3 Aircross is fresh and original”
Linda Jackson, CEO of Citroën. Linda Jackson, CEO of Citroën.// FOTO: Citroën

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Autorevista.-The Citroën C3 Aircross is a strategic model for Citroën and PSA Group. In terms of production, what is the message for achieving the highest level of quality and performance for the end customer?
Linda Jackson.-The C3 Aircross is produced in Zaragoza.
The plant was chosen as part of our strategic cooperation agreement with Opel. Thus, the new model is developed in conjunction with Opel based on PSA’s engines, equipment and platform.
In turn, quality standards have been implemented throughout the entire assembly line, as was done for Opel models. What’s more, PSA has added quality control at the end of the production line, which is carried out by PSA staff once the car is assembled. This ensures that the required level of quality is maintained, with a very customer-oriented approach.

Quality standards have been implemented throughout the entire assembly line, as was done for Opel models

AR.-There is considerable competition in the SUV segment in Europe. How does the C3 Aircross stand out?
L.J.-The new model stands out in the area of compact SUVs due to its energy, originality and fresh approach, in addition to its easily identifiable and unique silhouette, reminiscent of new Citroën models. It also has all of the segment’s features, such as its raised clearance, its high driving position, specific protection at the front and at the back and large wheels. Similarly, it has SUV dimensions and quality steering thanks to driver assistance systems and Grip Control, with Hill Assist Descent systems.
It also stands out thanks to the touches of colour on its roof bars and on its flanks, as well as customisation with up to 90 combinations, including eight body colours, four for the roof, depending on the market, and four colour packs. The five interior designs and its wide range of petrol and diesel engines are also aspects worth taking into account.
Furthermore, the C3 Aircross is well placed at the core of its segment’s market thanks to its personality. It stands apart in respect to its competitors on three key points. The first being its SUV nature, which has a unique silhouette recognisable by a high, short bonnet, as well as a graphic, light signature with rear quarterlights with a shutter effect design.
The second point to consider is its on-board comfort and space, brought about by the Citroën Advanced Comfort programme, a type of unrivalled modularity with exceptional boot volume. The practical panoramic roof and the well-situated storage compartments round up the SUV’s features in this regard. In terms of technology, of particular note are the 7” touchscreen, the hands-free access and start system, wireless smartphone charging and traffic sign recognition with ADAS.
In terms of projected results, we expect to see the best results in the European G5 countries: France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Germany.

We expect to see the best results in the European G5 countries: France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Germany

AR.-The model has inspired the best pastry chef in the world. How can we compare the vehicle’s values with the talent of Jordi Roca?
L.J.-The C3 Aircross and Jordi Roca and his products are defined by creativity, originality and a fresh approach. The Citroën model was a source of inspiration for a new limited edition of ice creams from the chef.
As I mentioned earlier, the new model offers a unique, never before seen customisation concept. Another distinctive characteristic of the C3 Aircross and its personality is the way in which it adapts to people, which is something similar to what occurs with pastry chefs and ice creams. Flavours and designs can be adapted and customised depending on each person’s preferences. Citroën designers have given the new SUV a modern and bold spirit with a high level of customisation. Each person can express his or her personality, from the most conventional to the most daring. The colour of the roof can be chosen and combined with a body colour pack. In short, customisation extends to every detail.
The process is similar to that of pastry, in that the products that best suit the tastes of the consumer are combined and the end result is presented in an attractive way, by playing with colour combinations to catch people’s attention.

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